Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitor Details

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Exhibit Details

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Insurance Details

Insurance Declaration

I declare that during the event my exhibit will be covered by the minimum insurance requirements of the Road Traffic Act irrespective of whether my exhibit is licensed for use on the public highway or not, if my exhibit is not self-propelled it will be covered by a Public Liability Policy and by a Boiler Explosion Policy for steam. Both Policies have a limit of indemnity of not less than £2,000,000 for any one accident, and Sparks and Ashes cover for not less than £100,000. I further declare that the boiler of any steam plant entered carries a current Boiler Inspection Certificate and that I will produce documentary evidence of such Insurance and Inspection to you before participating in the event. I further declare that the driver(s) hold a driving licence of the appropriate class and will produce if required, such a licence.

You must agree to the insurance declaration.

Conditions of Entry

  1. If no registration form has been received, no pass will be granted and therefore no admission will be granted.
  2. One Pass Admits Two People Only, any more than this will be charged a standard entry fee.
  3. No plaques will be issued unless engines run for more than 50% of the duration of the show. Exhibition vehicles are required to go around our ring at least once. Only one plaque per exhibitor will be issued after presenting a valid exhibitor pass and must be collected on show day as they will not be forwarded on afterwards. Plaques will be issued within the last hour of the show, and no sooner, unless otherwise agreed with the section leader.
  4. All exhibitors will be under the direction of the show stewards, specifically the section leader for their section during the show.
  5. Please adhere to our showground rules while exhibiting with us, to ensure the day is safe, fun and enjoyable for everyone.
You must agree to the conditions of entry.

Future Invites

We would love to be able to invite you back to our Vintage Rally in the future; however, to do this we require securely storing some personal contact information about you. See our privacy policy for more details.